Alathur Village in Tamilnadu.

Alathur is a modern village, which is located in the southern part of India. Its closest town is Pattukottai which is 8 kilometers far from Alathur. Alathur has been a center of attraction among the villages for many years.  It is also popularly know as U.S.A which stands for United Streets Of Alathur. 

Alathur has a population of about 7000 people. At least one member of each household is abroad in foreign countries today. Most of them are in countries like United Arab Emirates, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.. Most of them work overseas and travel on their vacation to Alathur. Some of them own businesses abroad so they can travel often. We have many qualified and experienced doctors, engineers, software developers and business professionals who are from the great village of Alathur. 

Alathur is an agricultural community and is the largest village in the Madukkur Union of the Thanjavur District. Majority of population consits of Vellalar caste. A high dominant caste of agricultural landlords. Although there are significant minority groups of Chettiars, Amblars, Asaris and members of other castes Alathur is a caste free society. Nowadays people of different caste come to set up their own business, since it is a center of trade among the villages. 

Alathur contains an elementary government school, a secondary government school, and a government high school for girls. There are also a few English Elementary schools, a health care clinic, a veterinary practice and some shops and commercial markets. There are many temples that surround the Alathur village, The most famous being Veeranar Kovil, Sivan kovil and Musri temple.

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